Montce Swimwear | The Beach

Montce Swimwear | The Beach

We shot this ad a few months ago on Fort lauderdale Beach. We were all set to film when it started to rain :(

 Montce Swim by Alexandra Grief creates super sexy, flattering swimwear that can be purchased online or custom made by order. Inspired by the modern beachy chick, exotic beachy getaways, and the desire to flatter your body the best we can, Montce Swim designs two swim lines annually.Our Collections are featured on and in our studio. 27-year-old designer, Alexandra Grief, graduated from The Art Institute in 2009. She started with Montce’s jewelry collection. Montce Swim has grown into a full line of swimwear, accessories, and apparel for you to enjoy. Live in Montce Swim! xx

Please note that all swimwear is made to order and can take about 3-6 weeks production time before the product is shipped. Production of your swimwear takes place immediatly after payment is processed. Our production does take time because our swimwear is custom made just for you, unless stated otherwise. If you are in the South Florida area please schedule an appointment for your custom fitting! We now have a amazing bikinis and coverups in the store, so you can take the items you love home with you right away. :)

Montce Swim
Alexandra Grief

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As seen in Maxim Magazine, Hooters Calendar, Swim Journal and more.
“Montce Swim is the balance between surf shop and boutique :)”

Production Team: Josiah Sampson, Brandon Baker, Joshua Diaz, Joshua Otis Miller

Deliverables: Media Consulting, Video/Film Production, Audio Production/Engineering

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